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Joanna E. Klementowicz, Ph.D.

Joanna E. Klementowicz, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral Fellow

Contact Information

513 Parnassus Avenue
HSE Building Room 520
San Francisco,  CA 94143
Lab phone: 415-476-0789
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  • BSc and MSc by the University of Warsaw, Poland,

Asia joined the Tang lab in 2012, starting a project on the role of lymphoid stromal cells (LSCs) and dendritic cells (DCs) in promoting type 1 diabetes development in a mouse model. In her research she also looks at the possible effect of regulatory T cell treatment, which can protect animals from disease development, on LSC and DC function in the islets.

Prior to joining the Tang lab Asia completed her PhD at the University of Manchester, UK, in 2011, in the lab of Mark Travis. Her PhD project was focused on the role of TGFβ-activating integrin αvβ8 expressed specifically on DCs in chronic Trichuris muris infection. Before starting her PhD, Asia spent a term at the University of Manchester as an exchange student under the Erasmus Programme, investigating the role of TNFα in developing wasting disorder during Trichinella spiralis infection, in the lab of Richard Grencis.

Asia was awarded her BSc and MSc by the University of Warsaw, Poland, where she worked in Maria Doligalska's lab, researching the role of opioids in chronic Heligmosomoides polygyrus infection. During her Masters degree she also spent a summer at the University of Glasgow working in Mike Stear's lab, focusing on genomic differences between gut parasites.


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